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Tyre Retreading

Why use retreads?

  • Retreading preserves resources and energy- less raw materials required
  • Elimination of potentially harmful materials and conditions
  • Doubles or triples a tyre’s life span
  • Reduces tyre disposal
  • Reduce transport cost

Mold-Cure (Hot)

Tyre Retreading

  • High capital expenditures
  • Added logistic costs- centralized operations
  • Cost per unit increase with growing tyre size variation- require big batch production
  • Longer time to market- volume requirements
  • No performance advantage

Pre Cure (Cold)

Tyre Retreading

  • Low capital expenditures at producer level
  • Close to customer- fast turnaround- reduce cost in stocks
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Fast to market- cover all tyre sizes at no added cost
  • Modern precure appearance equal to new tyre
  • Improved wear performance

System evolution

Tyre Retreading

  • PRECURE (or Cold) increase steadily market share year by year
  • > 70 % of world truck tyre production is precure
  • Europe app. 60 % is precure- and growing
  • Bandag is the world market leader in retreading truck tyres (+/- 20 000 000 tyres/year)
  • Bandag only produce PRECURE TREADS

Why Precure ?

  • Endusers get more end more specific transport needs requiring a bigger variety of vehicles types
  • This drives tyre size variation. Thus fewer tyres to retread by tyre type!
  • Fewer tyres per type increase cost for individual mold cure operations , while precure can split mold investments over the whole market.
  • Only sustainable cost alternative for the future
  • Performance demands increase - wear/service/reliability
  • Environmental demands increase
  • Modern precures looks like new tyres
  • Big batch precure tread production allows high tech compound solutions, not available to regular mold cure material suppliers
  • RESULT: Improved enduser performance
  • Proof: Evolution trend and New tyre mfg. interest for precure systems!
  • Future tyre legislation will put precure in advantage over mold cure in certification procedures
    • ECE 109M
    • Noise
    • Wet traction
    • Rolling resistance
  • Mold cure operation will need to certify (= cost) by each operation and product. Precure suppliers will certify for all producing partners. (Cost reduction)
  • The Bandag network will have instant access to certified products

Enduser choice

  • Enduser is primarily interested in
    • cost/km
    • reliable products
    • fast - reliable service
    • lowest cost of ownership ( outsourcing)
  • Precure systems ( decentralized) offers advantages in all this area over bigger centralized operations.
  • Product performance of precure treads in general higher than average mold cure products.


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