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Why Choose Us

PIONEERS TYRES Comprise Tyres and Retreading. We are focusing on client relationship management. With a team of professionals with machineries and tyres backgrounds, we are able to provide the clients with first-class customer services.

We always put our clients competitive advantage at first, and then act for the best interests of our clients. The business activities among factories, Pioneers Tyres, and our clients are absolutely transparent. Any latest financial information and business news are shared with our clients openly, timely and directly.

After years of business practice, we have developed sound relationship with manufacturers which have great industrial reputation. With our great commitment injected into the business, our clients are manufacturers are enjoying not only financial benefits, but also the harmonisation of strategic business partnerships. Even though the competition in machineries and tyres industries are tough, we are very optimistic and positive for the opportunities and challenges in the future.

Our keys are the top quality people working with top quality clients, to deliver top quality products and service and to gain strategic long-term partnerships.

Why Choose Us

  1. Acting the best interests of clients.
  2. Sourcing quality Chinese machineries and tyres for clients.
  3. Withholding excellent name in Chinese Machineries and Tyres industries.
  4. Having solid supports from manufacturers to enhance products availability, after-sales service and timely delivery.


Grader Tyre
Wheel Loader Tyre
Skid Steer Tyre Backhoe Tyre
Tractor Tyre
Truck/Bus Tyre
ATV Tyre Forklift Tyre
Roller Tyre

Tyres Ranges

Main Brands

Firenza ELGE Double Star Guangming   Taishan
Armour/Lande DHT Double Star Guangming   Taishan
Long March   Aeolus      


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1- Manufacturers of bellows, expansion joints, high temperature fabric, and exotic gasketing.

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00973 17341778

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