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Pioneers Tyres Company Limited is a company sourcing machineries and tyres for our clients. We are focusing on client relationship management. With a team of professionals with machineries and tyres backgrounds we are able to provide the clients with first-class customer services.

We always put our clients’ competitive advantage at first, and then act for the best interests of our clients. The business activities among factories, Extra, and our clients are absolutely transparent. Any latest financial information and business news are shared with our clients openly, timely and directly.

After years of business practice, we have developed sound relationship with manufacturers which have great industrial reputation. With our great commitment injected into the business, our clients and manufacturers are enjoying not only financial benefits, but also the harmonisation of strategic business partnerships. Even though the competition in machineries and tyres industries are tough, we are very optimistic and positive for the opportunities and challenges in the future.

Our keys are the top quality people working with top quality clients, to deliver top quality products and service, and to gain strategic long-term partnerships.

Pioneers Tyres is one of Trisons Group, TRISONS GROUP is an alliance of three companies covering three main areas in MENA Markets. The first company was established in 1943 under the name DREENY BROTHERS Construction Company taking responsibility to improve work methods and construction in road transport safety. Al Dreeny Brothers managed to win the confidence of its customers through the implementation of GWP Good Work Practices. Al Dreeny Brothers maintained a good reputation by placing the Client Satisfaction as main target for its operations. This concept enabled Al Dreeny Brothers to expand operations horizontally and vertically as well.

The Company decided to invest in various product offerings to the wide customer base. The company started to integrate their products to communicate and provide total solutions that cover many interests that clients may have in mind.

In the early 80s, Al Dreeny Brothers started operations in KSA and consolidated into Trisons Group in the late 90 s. Trisons Group is currently competing actively in offering these services to valued customers world wide from its regional branches.

Why Choose Us

  • Acting the best interests of clients.
  • Sourcing quality tyres, TUBES,RIMS,OILS, TYRE RETREADING,BATTERIES for clients.
  • Withholding excellent name in Tyres SUPPLIERS.
  • After-sales service and timely delivery.

Pioneers Tires Management System


We are committed to diversified quality tires and retread services that exceed the expectations of our customers


To become the preferred service provider for tires, wheels and retreads.


  • Commitment to Quality.
  • Ethics & Integrity.
  • Respect for People.
  • Innovation.
  • trustworthy.
  • accountability.


  • optimization of resources
  • professionalism
  • management talent
  • market leadership, and
  • operational excellence


  • To not only meet the needs and requirements of our customers but to constantly work to exceed their expectations.
  • To introduce quality diversified tires and after sales services that distinguish us from other competitors.
  • To maintain integrated business services and be the one stop shop for all related business services.
  • To develop and implement training strategies, programs and solutions to increase efficiency and improve performance, operations and services of our staff.
  • To cover the widest geographical areas that reach the widest ranges of customers.
  • To ensure the application of and compliance with statutory rules and regulations.


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00973 17341778

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